About Your Third Space

Third Space studio cafe is the result of random and pleasant coincidences. It is a product of being given the chance to create, being presented with the opportunity to do something very fun, and the will to colaborate with other artists. The owners Elle Uy Aguell and Yuseff Lee Aguell have worked played together in numerous collaborations. Being together since 2004 they have already enjoyed doing artworks, clothing, websites, accessories, a furniture store in 2013, their "tiny house" in 2014, their simple wedding in 2015, and on July 22, 2016 they opened Third Space studio cafe.

Third Space : The Studio
A small furniture, decor, and arts showroom; That was the original plan. They had the chairs, they had the lamps, they had the mirrors, the tables, the chandeliers, and the accent pieces. But for almost three years everything was in storage, and the collection grew as the itch to create and curate constantly lingered. The former showroom, DuoDeco Studio was put on hold to make time for the build of the "tiny house", and the relaunch was pushed further back as more time was needed to plan the simple wedding. Having specific preference didn't make the search for the ideal space to relocate the showroom easier. But the best opportunities are presented to those who are patient enough to wait, and bold enough to take big risks. The found location was within the place where they grew up, and near their recently built home. The next showroom was going to be in Banawe,

Third Space : The Cafe
A small furniture, decor, and arts showroom; That was the original plan. But plans change, or in this case, it evolved. Both growing up in Banawe, the owners knew that it was a food place. And both coming from families that enjoy cooking as much as eating, a chance to execute a concept was taken.
The idea of a showroom turned into a studio cafe. A place where other artists (painters, film makers, bloggers, photographers, musicians, ect.) can collaborate with each other, or launch their works. Guests can paint while having a cup of coffee, design their own accessories after a snack, have a meal on tables and sit on chairs that can all be purchased as is, even celebrate a special occasion where almost all the walls become instant photo shoot backdrops. A place that exhibits creations, and inspires creativity, while you eat.

Third Space : The State Of Mind
A small furniture, decor, and arts showroom; That was the original plan. Yet it was no longer just a showroom, and it wasn't small. A bigger place than what they had in mind, and a bigger concept than what they had in mind, meant they had to have bigger minds and think big. It was gonna be a studio and a cafe, it will have a basketball half-court at the back with other gaming activities, it was going to be an events place. Simultaneous planning had to be done... But first, the name. What name would suit a place like that? It can't be DuoDeco Studio again as it would no longer be just the "duo". It is now a group of people with cooks and crew, wood and metal crafters, together with other artists, designers, and supportive family and friends. What was certain was that it had to be a name that advocates people to have fun, not just while being in the studio cafe, not just while eating, playing, or taking pictures with friends and family. The name had to be a state of mind.

Finding time to have fun and doing things you enjoy is a thought that the owners strongly believes in. A 24 hour day is meant to be divided into three 8 hours sessions. 8 hours for sleep, 8 hours for work, and 8 hours for leisure. But in a world where work takes time away from leisure, it becomes a daily work and sleep routine. The time that should be devoted for enjoyment or creative outlets are often sacrificed, but that should never be the case. Your home or where you sleep is your first space. Your school or place of work is your second space. And your leisure, playtime, creative, and relaxed place is your third space. But you can always be in your third space if you can make it a state of mind. Work is only work if you don't have fun doing it. Set goals and challenge yourself to be more efficient at work and treat it as a game where meeting your goals means winning the game. Also, enjoy the company of your peers and see them as friends. Cause being in a "game" with friends is no longer work, it becomes play. We have made the studio cafe into a game and we have set the main goal of discovering new artists, providing a creative space for others, and remind others to be creative and happy. Help us win the game :)

Our Third Space, Is Your Third Space.