Third Space studio cafe's Happy Girl and Odd Man

8/27/2017 06:55:00 PM

Being a decorator, Elle is happy every time she finishes a good design project, and she would always share with me before and after pictures and stories about her styling work. Being involved in a lot of interests, I enjoy documenting what I do, and I tell her how I create stuff made from whatever I want. There are a lot of late nights when we would just talk about what we've been doing, and plans for future projects. We usually talk until one of us falls asleep.

Creativity plays a big part in our enjoyment, and we have always had our personal websites as an outlet to document, and share with others what we do. But since we opened Third Space studio cafe, we haven't been very active cause opening a restaurant really takes a lot of time, preps and, maintenance. But now, after more than a year, we finally have some breathing space and some relax time. So we worked together to retool our blogs. She updated the contents, and look of her website, and I melded together all four of the sites and pages I own into just one. 

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We hope you enjoy reading about the products of our late night talks, until you fall asleep.

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