Pickers Corner #saThirdSpace

8/25/2017 08:18:00 PM

Elle and I share an appreciation for vintage stuff. She enjoys upcycling and crafting pieces, as I do too, and I'm a collector and a picker. I've been collecting since I was 21 and back then I wasn't even aware that what I did was called "picking". Nowadays there are many pickers who make it a full time job. I was privileged to have met great people from my hobby, and I still pick once in a while because I enjoy meeting them, and I enjoy the search for odd, historic, or rare items. And it makes my collection funds itself when I get to sell some of what I hunt for. Although sometimes Elle keeps them for herself (Next time I'll try to post about all the pieces na hiningi nya at naipit na ang fund ko! haha!) Lalo na pag "pachicks" yung piece. She has a weakness for "cute" pieces.

Recently, we decided to have an area in the cafe where we can display the pieces we have for sale. We don't even care if people buy them. We just want others to enjoy viewing them. Pero if guests buys them, edi mas ok, cause we get to hunt for more! We feel like treasure hunters when we're in full picking mode.

We are slowly but surely developing Third Space into being a place where we can share what we enjoy, while maintaining the business. One of my goals is to have a pickers event in the future where fellow pickers can set up their mini stalls and spend fun time with each other, while our guests gets to appreciate and buy from them. When you visit our studio cafe, feel free to look around. You don't have to feel pressured to buy. Almost everything displayed in our dinning area are for sale too, including the chairs and tables that guests use. We hope you enjoy your visits!

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